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The Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA is a vital legal document that helps in protecting your money, assets, health, and welfare. However, there is a lot of information about acquiring it. This makes it difficult for people to figure out which LPA forms to get that cater to your needs. 

Additionally, complex data online from different sources provides various information; it can make people confused about where to get the relevant form. Whether they have to make visits to the Office of the Public Guardian or they can get the form online. Is there any other way to get the form? However, in this lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA guide, we are condensing the massive amount of info so that you can understand how easy it is to get an LPA. With the right knowledge, you will have no trouble getting your LPA and having someone trustworthy look after your decisions. 

Understanding the Jargon 

Before we discuss the LPA forms, there is some jargon associated with it that you should be aware of. Knowing these terms will help you fill the Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA forms more efficiently.

  1. Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA  

A Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA or LPA provides you with an opportunity to appoint someone trustworthy and provide them with the legal authority to make decisions in your place if you become unable to do that for yourself. 

  2. Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)

OPG is an entity that assists people living in England as well as Wales in staying in control of all the decisions that impact their finance and health. It helps people in making sound decisions that they are not able to do for themselves. 

  3. Court of Protection 

The Court of Protection is referred to as a specialist court that deals with all issues associated with people who have mental disabilities and are unable to make specific decisions. These decisions can either be related to finance and property or health and welfare.

  4. Donor 

The donor is an individual (18+ years old and above) who can appoint one or more people to decide with regards to financial affairs, property, health, and welfare.

  5. Attorney 

An attorney(s) is an individual appointed by the donor to make decisions on their behalf regarding the matter of finance, property, health, or welfare. 

  6. Deputy 

A deputy is an individual appointed by the Court of Protection and is responsible for administering the property or welfare affair of someone who does not hold the right mental capacity to do the same. If the concerned individual already has a Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA, then the court does not need to appoint a deputy.

  7. Witness 

A witness is an individual who signs the LPA form to confirm that they have witnessed the attorney(s) or the donor signing the Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA form. 

  8. Certificate Provider 

This person is an individual who completes the certificate, which includes the form of Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA. Certificate provider verifies that the donor understands the details of the Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA. 

Requirements Before Getting a Form 

Before getting an LPA form, you must understand the requirements of obtaining the same. A person needs to comply with these eligibility criteria to make sure that they are doing the same in their right mind. Following are requirements that one needs to fulfil to acquire the form:

Requirement #1: Mental Capacity 

Mental capacity refers to the capability to communicate or make sound decisions at the particular time that they need to be made. An individual must comprehend the decisions that they have to make, why they have to make them and their outcomes. 

Requirement #2: Age 

Another essential requirement for getting an LPA form is that an individual should be 18 years and above. One does not necessarily need to be a British citizen or live in the UK. 

Requirement #3: Money to Pay a Fee to Register the LPA 

The last requirement is the ability to pay the required associated with the lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA cost. For registration, the lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA fees stands at £82. 

Ways to Getting LPA Forms 

Before knowing the ways that you can get LPA forms, let’s understand the kind of LPA forms available: 

  1. Health and Welfare LPA 

A Health and Welfare Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA enables you to name one or multiple attorneys to make decisions with regards to your health, treatment options, and living arrangements, just in case you lose the ability to do so. The document will become effective when you lack the mental capacity to make a sound decision. 

If you are unable to communicate your wishes, then you may end up living in a care home when you would rather stay in your own house. Health and Welfare LPA  allows you to make such a serious decision about your future. Some of the key aspects included in the form of LPA include:


  2. Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA 

A Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA enables you to provide an attorney or attorneys with the right to deal with your property as well as financial assets. You can make the document restricted so that it can only be used in case you lose your mental capacity to make sound decisions. 

It can also be used if you suffer from any terminal health condition, mobility issues, or if you will live outside the UK. Following are some of the factors included in Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA: 


Where to get the LPA forms?

There are two ways to acquire Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA forms:

  3. Get it Online 

Irrespective of the type of LPA form you are looking for, you can quickly get it online. You just simply have to download the free Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA template, print the form, and fill the form. 

You can also fill the form online and then print it. Thereafter, get the LPA form signed and send it to the Office of the Public Guardian for initiating the registration.  You can download the form from the OPG website. 

  4. Ask the OPG for a copy of the form.

If you do not wish to choose the online method, you can contact the OPG and have the office send the form at your address. You can make a request by emailing at customerservice@publicguardian.gsi.gov.uk, or you can call at 03004560300. Once you get the form, the rest of the procedure is the same as the above. 

How much do the forms cost?

Previously, if you wanted to apply for lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA you’d have to pay £110, however, the cost has now been cut down to £82. The cost was reduced to encourage more people to use it. In Northern Ireland, the registration cost stands at £115 whereas, in Scotland, the registration fee is £75. 

You do not necessarily need a solicitor to fill the LPA forms; however, a majority of people take expert advice in doing the same. When you hire solicitors, you need to pay a certain fee, which varies on the type of professional you are hiring. You can expect to spend around £400 for professional assistance. 

When you buy a lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA service, the professional will be submitting your forms and liaising with the OPG. But if you have thorough knowledge that you fill and submit the form yourself, you reduce the LPA cost. 

If you want to make any changes to your Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA, you can consult the Office of the Public Guardian. You can make changes in your LPA if it is registered and you have the right mental capacity to make necessary changes. In case you want to remove one of the attorneys, you will have to send a written statement known as ‘partial deed of revocation’ to the OPG. 

Moreover, if you need to add an attorney, then you will have to end your existing LPA and create a new one. If you want to change the details of the attorneys, then along with the written statement, you will have to include supporting documents. If you make the changes yourself, your LPA will become invalid; therefore, ensure you make modifications through OPG. The fees for re-submitting your LPA form earlier used to cost £55, which has now been reduced to £41. 

Furthermore, if you get some of these benefits and have not received damages of over £16,000, you are not liable to pay LPA registration fees. Such benefits will include:



A Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA is the only way that you can ensure that someone whom you trust is managing your affairs just in case you are unable to do the same. The decision to make an LPA is very crucial; therefore,  you must have the right knowledge and assistance to execute the process. 

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