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Why I need a Last Will and testament?

​​Having a Will is the first essential step in having peace of mind for the future. It’s the only way to ensure you have a say in how and where you want your assets to go to after you die. *2 out of 3 Britons don’t have a Will. We’re here to help change that.

  • To have total control over what happens with your assets when you die
  • To ensure your family, friends and any dependents have security and protection.
  • To be able to make donation to your chosen charity of choice or good cause, if you wish it.

What happens if I don’t have one?

  • Without a Will, your assets will be split in accordance with the law, which may not satisfy your wishes.
  • If you are married and have children, your spouse might not inherit all of your wealth immediately.
  • Instead, your assets could be split between your spouse and your children.
  • If you are not married, you may not get any of your assets from your partner.

how can We help you?

  • We offer personal and professional solicitor backed Last Will and Testament writing service.
  • Our professional consultants will arrange to meet with you at a mutually convenient time in your home.
  • We will guide you through the entire stages, including taking instructions for your Will, right through the processing, signing and the final securing and storing of your documents.

*Source: BBC News

**For more information on the level of insurance, please speak to one of our consultants.

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We take pride in our company ethos and the services we provide. Make the right choice. Choose My Estate Planning Service to help you grow and protect your assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must be 18 to make a will, however exceptions can be made for younger people if they are in the army, married or lawfully emancipated. You also have to be of “sound mind” in order to make a Will.

Yes, Lasting Lasting Power of Attorney/LPAs provides your chosen attorney with the power to make health, care and Financial decisions on your behalf if you become unable to. A Lasting Power of Attorney/LPA automatically ends on your death. Your Will specifies how you want your estate to be distributed after your death.

Some life events require us to update or make a new Will to ensure that the Will continues to meet your needs and that your estate is divided according to your wishes.  It is particularly important to review your Will after the following:

  • You marry or divorce (changes in marital status may invalidate a Will)
  • You have a partner but are unmarried
  • Your wealth significantly changes
  • There is a birth/adoption of a child in your family
  • Your executor/significant beneficiary in your will dies
  • You change your mind about the provisions in your will

A codicil is a minor change made to a Will.  When minor amendments to a Will are required, a codicil is used.  The original Will is untouched and the codicil makes specific changes, such as adding or removing a beneficiary.  

A codicil is signed and witnessed in the same way as the Will.

A Last  Will is used to divide your estate after your death. A Health Care Directive allows you to define your health care requirements in writing when you are no longer able to give consent. You can’t use a Last Will to decide what kind of medical treatment you need.

Yes, we produce two separate Wills that mirror each other and then it follows the wishes of each individual.  A single Will which covers two people is not best practice.

Divorce in England and Wales does revoke a will, therefore, a new Will is required.

What our clients Say about us

Jack has been an amazing adviser, ever so polite and professional. There were so many companies to choose from but I went with My Estate Planning as they did everything the way I wanted. From the initial conversation to executing my will writing. They're professional but show genuine care, they make you feel more like a friend than just a client. I can't thank you enough.
Camile Johnson
Camile Johnson
My Estate Planning Services have been exceptional in assisting me with my funeral planning. I didn't know how many different options there were but the staff have been helpful and patient with all my queries. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing my loved ones don't have to be burdened with costs and worry. My expectations have been exceeded.
Geoff Tam
Geoff Tam
I just wanted to say thank you! You are second to none in your service. Absolutely 100% professional yet still maintaining a thoughtful, personal touch. Denise made it extremely easy to write our wills. She is highly skilled, competent, and friendly.

Tilly Robinson
Tilly Robinson


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